X-Men (2000)

Source: Twentieth Century Fox: Blu-ray, 2016.

Year: 2000

Director: Bryan Singer

Action Stars

Hugh Jackman

Patrick Stewart

Ian McKellen

Genre: Superhero film

Country: United States

Story Duration: 01:33:54

Act Duration:

1st Act: 00:19:35

2nd Act: 00:24:36

3rd Act: 00:23:47

4th Act: 00:25:53

Plot Turns:

1st: Cyclops and Storm rescue

2nd: Rogue leaves mansion

3rd: X-Men rescue mission plan

ASD Ratio: 44%

AAD Ratios:

1st Act: 28%

2nd Act: 34%

3rd Act: 33%

4th Act: 77%

Action Structure: 1324

Action Scenarios







Total Action Moments: 23

1. The X-Men rescue plot line.
2. The Magneto and Rogue plot line.
3. Fights as micro narrative events.
4. Triple rescue attempt.
Action Structure

Notable Action Sequence: Liberty Island Battle

Duration: 00:19:54

Act: 4th

Action Scenarios:



Fall (Speed variant)




Description: The Liberty Island battle set piece is an exemplar of the extended action sequence, given its 19-minute plus duration. Like other movies during this period, the longest action sequence of the film is set in the final act. The sequence also exhibits the five features of action complexity that facilitates continued viewer engagement in the action. The first feature of action complexity is the multi-character nature of the sequence itself as the story divides along three main plot lines: the X-Men’s rescue attempt, Magneto holding Rogue hostage and weaponizing her mutant powers, and the UN dignitaries who are the target of those powers [Figure 1 and 2]. The second feature is the parallel editing used that allows the narration to shift across these plot lines. The third feature pertains to the mechanisms that sustain interest with both the X-Men’s larger rescue project at the macro-level of the sequence, and the micro-level level involving the X-Men fighting with Magneto’s mutant followers [Figure 3]. The fourth feature pertains to the insertion of plot turns that spin the story in a different direction. In the Liberty Island battle sequence, the plot turns consist of Magneto halting the progress of the X-Men by using his superpowers, and the activation of the radiation machine.

The final feature consists of action scenario combinations the sequence exhibits as it commences with a rescue project. The sequence then vertically combines with the speed scenario, as the X-Men fly to Liberty Island in their X-jet. It then segues into a fight scenario, as the X-Men combat with Magneto’s mutants, which is followed by a capture scenario when Magneto restrains the X-Men with metal bands. An escape scenario then follows When Wolverine frees himself from the metal restraints, with another escape appearing when the dignitaries flee from radiation emanating from the machine amplifying Rogue’s powers. Cyclops then blasts Sabretooth, causing him to fall, a variant of the speed scenario. A triple rescue is put into effect when the X-Men free Rogue from Magneto’s powers, and save the dignitaries, and New York City citizens, from the deadly radiation emitted from the machine perched atop the Statue of Liberty [Figure 4].


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