Iron Man (2008)

One action scenario that is particularly showcased in Iron Man (2008) is the speed scenario. Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor is the principal reason for this emphasis that is not only weaponized in a variety of ways but is also fitted with arc-reactor-powered repulsors that allow Stark to travel at supersonic speeds.

Lethal Weapon (1987)

The El Mirage Lake shootout featured in Lethal Weapon (1987) closes in a manner typical of 3rd acts in mainstream films, namely through an all-is-lost moment. The moment is dramatically heightened given that it constitutes a reversal of Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs’ original rescue plan to save Murtaugh’s daughter Rianne from the hands of Shadow Company, an ex-special forces unit involved in drug smuggling.

Nobody (2021)

One of the ways that action films make themselves distinctive is by defamiliarizing the genres on which they are based through unique genre combinations. Nobody (2021) does so by combining elements from the espionage film with that of the gangster movie, a sub-genre of the crime film. This combination assumes its primary shape through the film’s protagonist-antagonist structure.